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Cape Codders to End Driving Deaths among Youth
 (Cape Cod EDDY)

General Information: Greg Parkinson

Our Mission

“To act and advocate for children, adolescents, and young adults of Cape Cod with the goal of 0 motor vehicle related fatalities.”


General: This group was formed spring 2004 following the First Cape Cod Automobiles and Youth Safety Summit. Members bring a broad experience, including healthcare , police, fire, local and state government ,Department of Public Health, community groups, the SAFE (Seatbelts Are For Everyone) Coalition , teachers, students, SADD and MADD, parents and other interested individuals.

Cape Cod EDDY was formed in to attempt to address the incredibly and disproportionately high rate of motor vehicle fatalities among the youth of this area.

Although new, we already have several successes. The first is the increased communication across disciplines. More tangibly, we have met with selectmen, and both Bourne and Falmouth Boards of Selectmen have approved and written letters to Senator Therese Murray, to urge her support for a proposed law to mandate primary enforcement of the seatbelt law. The Falmouth Enterprise and Bourne Enterprise and Cape Cod Times, have published supporting editorials, and Senator Murray has pledged her “unequivocal” support for this measure (Senator O’Leary is also in support). Further, following our lead, other advocates across the state have begun to meet with their local councils. We also are in regular communication with Cape Cod State Representatives about safety issues.

Organization Structure

Cape Cod EDDY is entirely a volunteer grassroots effort at this time. Greg Parkinson, MD, Falmouth Pediatrician serve as the Chair. We have chosen not to have a “Board” per se at this time, but do have the following sub-committees:

a. Seatbelt Law

b. Child Protection Systems (car seats)

c. Teen Liaison

d. Data Collection

e. Fund-raising

f.  Web Site

g. Annual Safety Summit

We have recently become an affiliate of Keeping Cape Cod Alive, Inc. a registered 501c3 not –for-profit charity.


Meetings are held the first Tuesday of “odd” months at 7 pm at the Mashpee Fire Station, Route 151 Mashpee.

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